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New OSHA Crystalline Silica Dust Regulations

New OSHA Crystalline Silica Dust Regulations

New OSHA Crystalline Silica Dust Regulations are on the horizon, and many don’t have the proper equipment to remain compliant.

The construction industry sees as many as 1,600 new diagnoses of silicosis a year, a debilitating disease that afflicts the lungs due to exposure to microscopic dust particles that result from cutting, chipping, and drilling concrete and stone products. Other potential diseases that result from silica dust exposure include cancer, heart disease, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

To combat the threat of silicosis on the jobsite, OSHA has established a Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL), which determines that amount of crystalline silica a worker may be exposed to during an 8-hour shift.

These strict regulations mean that jobsites will be required to utilize dust extraction systems that keep the silica dust out of the lungs of workers.

While these dust extraction systems may look expensive now, the first OSHA violation of these new rules could cost tens of thousands of dollars per worker on a jobsite.

In order to better equip you, Brinker Brown carries a full range of dustless solutions for the jobsite from manufacturers like Makita, CS Unitec, Metabo, 3M, and more.

And now, we are proud to carry Pullman Ermator. Pullman Ermator dustless solutions offer the highest quality equipment to keep you and your workers safe from the dangers of respirable crystalline silica dust with products like air scrubbers, HEPA vacuums, dust shrouds / boots, and more.

September 23, 2017 marks the beginning of these new regulations, and OSHA plans to enforce them immediately.

Make sure you are prepared. Stop into one of our locations today, or ask your salesman about the right dustless system for your needs.



Brinker Brown Honored For a Second Year in a Row with Honda Premier Dealer Status


January 2018 – We are extremely proud to announce that Brinker Brown Fastener & Supply has been honored for the second year in a row as a Honda Premier Dealership! Honda Power Equipment bestows this title upon its distributors that provide the best overall customer experience when it comes to Honda products. Honda’s premier partners offer superior product knowledge and brand representation. This distinction is awarded to only a select handful of Honda’s independent dealers throughout the United States.


Brinker Brown President Named to STAFDA Board of Directors


January 2017 – The Specialty Tools and Fasteners Distributors Association’s (STAFDA) 40th annual show trade show took place in Atlanta, Georgia November 6-8, and two new members of the board were announced. Jeff Brown, president and owner of Brinker Brown, accepted his bid as a new member of the board. Mr. Brown will serve as the Region 3 Director (Southeast) for a three-year term.

Founded in 1976, STAFDA is an intermediary organization between manufacturers and distributors. Manufacturers are given a unique chance to show off their newest products as well as meet face to face with members of their distribution channel. Since its inception 41 years ago, STAFDA has grown to encompass over 2,500 member companies. This includes 1,052 distributors and 305 manufacturers.

STAFDA’s paramount event is the annual convention held in cities across the United States and Canada. Members gather to take part in educational programs, speaking seminars (2016 keynote speakers included Jimmy Johnson and Herm Edwards of College Football and NFL fame), and a trade show.

Lee County Non-Profit Receives Special Holiday Gifts


December 2016 – Late December found Brinker Brown Fastener & Supply (BBFS) playing Santa to a very special group at LARC, a local non-profit that serves developmentally disabled individuals in Southwest Florida.

LARC’s main campus is located on Hanson Street near downtown Fort Myers and houses an incredible Woodshop where 12 disabled workers, including one who is blind, construct custom wood products such as pallets, trellises, stakes, and more.  Representatives from BBFS were invited to tour the Woodshop in November, and they were so moved by what they saw, they decided to put a plan into action.  “When we were invited to tour LARC’s Woodshop, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was truly amazed,” said Mike Blades, sales manager for BBFS. “I knew we had to do something special for them.”

LARC’s relationship with BBFS is not a new one.  “LARC clients have been assembling washers and screws for BBFS for nearly 10 years,” said Blades.  “They do this with such accuracy and precision, we are always so pleased.  We send them thousands at a time to be assembled and they not only come back perfect, but we usually have a bag with a note that we miscounted and the extras are inside! Until November, we didn’t realize they had a Woodshop.”

On December 22, Mike Blades surprised LARC’s Woodshop and presented them with five brand new HITACHI power tools, among other gifts.

“Because we rely on limited funding to cover the costs of our programs, replacing equipment can be difficult,” said Angela Katz, Development Director for LARC.  “Our clients strive for perfection and that becomes challenging with older tools.  The gifts we received from Brinker Brown and HITACHI are truly priceless!  Not only did workers receive new tools, they each received their own personal gift that included a t-shirt and safety glasses!  To them, they won the lottery!”

Katz encourages businesses to learn more about LARC and the services they offer through their Packaging, Assembly and Woodshop programs.  “We have 37 local businesses that currently benefit from our services, but the biggest benefit is to our clients.  They have the opportunity to earn wages, contribute to the community, and feel valued for what they do!”

For more information visit or call .

LARC is located at 2570 Hanson Street in Fort Myers.

Brinker Brown and CFS Roofing Services Donate in 2015


December 2015 – Brinker Brown and CFS Roofing Services teamed up in 2015 for two great charitable endeavors.

Estela Lozano’s roof had been leaking for some time, her interior walls were water damaged and her ceiling had developed mold. A retired nurse and health educator the 71-year old did not have the funds to repair her aging roof. CFS Roofing Services reached out to Builders Care earlier in 2015 and offered their services to Ms. Lozano. On April 30th the answer to Ms. Lozano’s roof problems marched down her street to surprise her with the needed repairs. Brinker Brown was one of the major suppliers on the project.

Mr. Edward Hale, a United States Army veteran and widower, was in desperate need of a roof as his was in awful condition. The Affordable Housing Foundation and CFS Roofing teamed up, along with Brinker Brown and other suppliers, to ensure that Mr. Hale received a brand new shingle roof that will last him for the next 20 years.


Naples Pier Renovation


September 2015 – If you have been to the Naples Pier lately, you’ve noticed that it has gone through a large transformation over the last several months. Manhattan Construction, the general contractor, and Kelly Brothers Inc., the marine construction subcontractor overseeing the project, have been hard at work making improvements to the historic 126-year-old site since July 6th. Brinker Brown Fastener and Supply is proud to be the supplier for the majority of the tools and fasteners on the job.

Changes include new decking, railings, and lighting. The 1000 foot pier was stripped of its original rotting wood and was replaced with ipe, an extremely durable wood that is certified termite resistant, fire resistant, and slip resistant. Because ipe is a dense exotic hardwood, it is somewhat difficult to work with. The deck boards were fastened with Muro collated stainless steel screws via Muro automated screwdriving systems. These automated screwdrivers allow users to stand as the fastener drills and fastens the dense wood in one fluid step. The ipe decking is expected to last upwards of 30 years, far longer than the majority of decking lumber. Concrete pilings were fastened with Brinker Brown Pure 50+ epoxy. Brinker Brown also fabricated all of the 316 stainless steel threaded hardware for through-bolting and doweling.

Kelly Brothers Inc. fabricated 30 foot sections of the decking their Fort Myers Beach location. They then barged in the sections and lifted them into place by crane. This process increased the efficiency of the renovation.

The job also called for a redesign of both restrooms. Many complained that the pier’s restrooms were not large enough which often led to long waiting times. They are set to double in size, but will look very similar to the previous facilities. A redesigned concession stand with a covered eating area is still in the process of being built. Naples Pier is one of Naples’ largest attractions with over one million visitors each year. The pier was last renovated in 2001. The project is scheduled to be completed by November 1st of this year.